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The Adventurer’s Guild is a narrative driven simulation management game. You play as the newly appointed Guildmaster of the Northern Plains. With a small crew of adventurers, you’re tasked with helping the small town of Cynbalt complete the tasks of everyday living. Send adventurers to fight monsters, explore the land, settle disputes, and interact with powerful factions. Keep an eye on your funds, and decide the fate of the Northern Plains, one quest at a time.

We're still in development! If you would like to give feedback or just reach out, feel free to add to the discussion board on itch, or contact us on Twitter @team_ehhhhhhh!

Our team:

Eric Long | Creative Lead, Systems Programmer

Naman Bhushan | Engineering Lead, Systems Designer

Gillian Yu ✌️😩🧋| Art Lead, Character Concept Artist

Johnny Choi | Narrative Lead, Producer

Aaron Ho |  UI/UX Designer

Noor Haider | UI/UX Designer

Tony Alegria | Sound Designer + Music Producer

Joshua Augenstein | UI Programmer

annalivia martin - straw | Portrait and General 2D Artist

Parmpreet Gill | Programmer

Zhiheng (Jerry) Su | Narrative & System Designer

Alexis Huang | UI Asset Artist


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Version 4 Aug 07, 2022